Easy Paintings For Beginners

Easy Paintings For Beginners

Jan 25, 2012

Easy Paintings For Beginners On How To Paint Still Life

This is how you do easy paintings for beginners on still life oil paintings, i also have videos Painting Videos/DVDs that show this and not only through this article. What this is for is my weekly Tuesday class that you could join anytime. The class is designed to be a typical three-hour class but we run all day just because I have people from both coasts enrolled in it. It’s a lot of fun! So let’s get into how to paint this painting as you would know what I would tell you to do if you were sitting here in this class with me!

As you take Art Lessons Online with master artist Daniel Edmondson paint these!


So! Let’s first start on the background! Ok, you have two choices on this background you can put in this rug pattern as you see it. What I would do of course is I would eliminate this space over here on the right and I’d shift the rug over to the right here if you’re going to paint the rug.

Now! I personally don’t think the rug is going to add that much to this and it would just increase the difficulty by three-fold of the entire painting. So! If you like it and you’re up to the challenge paint the rug in! If you’re not, then what I suggest you do is just take some black and olive green with a fair amount of transparent oxide red, and just do some sort of a beautiful background pattern back in the background you know and maybe use your palette knife and rub it down.

Those of you who have seen my other videos from my ten week starter course will know of a technique where I take a palette knife and I kind of rub it into it. If I do any demonstrations on this one where I physically demonstrate it then I will go ahead and show you how to do that. Now, the way this class would work would be sometimes I would do demonstration of different sections of the painting as if I was going to paint it, in this particular case it’s a demo of the first demo class I don’t have any frame of reference or any other reference to paint. So I probably won’t do that on this one. I feel like that wasn’t really all that clear so what I want to say is sometimes I will do demonstrations and sometimes I won’t. I will say most times I will not do demonstrations because I’m not just going to paint every painting along at the same time having a camera set-up for each one of these classes.

When I taught these classes before I actually made two mistakes, one was that I tried painting every painting and do a demonstration from start to finish and that was just not realistic on the paintings. In this course the paintings are fairly complicated and this is probably, the one your looking at, one of the least complicated one’s I have. Think that I could do a demonstration of the painting from start to finish for every week because some of these paintings will take me twenty hours to do. So, it just wasn’t practical to think that I could do actual demonstrations for each one. I’ll tell you what to do and then you’ll spend your ten or twenty hours and then what I’ll do is review them and do critiques and send you back video critiques, post critiques on the website for that week’s painting which you’ll be e-mailed at each week as well as all the photographs. The photographs this time are downloadable so all you have to do is right click and hit: “save link as” and then you could save these pictures to your desktop or wherever you save pictures in your computer. That’s just a real short overview as I’ve got about two or three more of these videos to lay-out for you and then I’m going to work you through how to paint everything in this painting.


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