How to get really good at oil painting

How to get really good at oil painting

How to get really good at oil painting is a mystery for some if not most artists. How to get really good at oil painting has been answered through instructional videos online or on DVD’S. However, knowing which videos to follow or learn from may be taxing. This is primarily because some concepts are harder to learn than others and these, at times, are the ones being fed first to the viewers. It is important to know the foundations or the basics at first, and even throughout the entire painting process. Rather, the “WHY’S” of painting. This is what is being focused on through Daniel Edmondson’s oil painting instruction.

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In this video entitled “How to get really good at oil painting (” you will know of a simple way as to how to take your paintings to a higher level. This technique may be utilized in your everyday paintings. You will know of ways on how to look into color, value, edges, paint application, and a lot more of a painting, as well as even what not to look into when comparing your painting to that of an old master.
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